Daniel Jay Smith Jr

A 2 x BB World Champion & 4 time UK Champion who is passionate about the fitness industry, using his experience and knowledge to improve the lives of others.

Aaron Lauder

Aaron has been training and teaching Calisthenics for 3 years now and he loves every minute of it. It is a pleasure for him to help people realise their true potential through Bodyweight Training. As he has learned and gained so much from Calisthenics himself and now he is working on various projects that involve creating more opportunities and facilities for Calisthenics to grow.

Louis Lothian

Louis Lothian is an amateur boxer with over 10 bouts, last few years Louis has been focused on pushing his personal training business and now its time to get back fighting fit and continue to do what he loves most! Louis Short term goal is to win the national championship and turn professional!

Claire walker

Having competed as a female bikini and fitness Competitor, Claire love for the sport has grown and grown and her body confidence is at an all time high! Claire has a fantastic physique, a very strong mindset and does not seek the approval of others in what she wants to do for herself! Claire is currently off season in preparation for another great season ahead.

David Antal

David antal is a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer whose passion is to help people transform their lifestyles and bodies by creating unique training programs and nutritional plans to suit the needs and habits of the individual in order to achieve consistency and maximize the results.


  • Muscle gain
  • Weight / Fat loss
  • Conditioning
  • Nutritional advice

Katie Giles

After Katie left secondary school & experiencing throughout year 8 till year 11 being bullied about her weight, Katie decided to channel those negative energies & thoughts into finding a gym & focusing on my mindset & wellbeing, from the age of 17 years, she put her all into focusing on the positive things in life. Katie passion for fitness excelled & she blossomed within her element.

Throughout her past years, Katie has trained within a variety of gyms & experienced a variety of different PTs during her fitness journey. 

Scott Bradley

Scott has been training for 10 years in the fitness industry. 2019 was his first year of competing in the Male Physique category, he ended the year on a high and was invited to compete for the U.K. in Amsterdam, it was there he won his category and won the overall. Over the years he has learnt an array of simple techniques to help lose body fat whilst building lean muscle. His sessions will not only focus on the here and now but will also provide the clients with the knowledge to move forward and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Maya is a fitness enthusiast! She demonstrates positivity, passion and persistence in everything she does and hopes to continue to inspire women daily the same way women have inspired her to be the symbol of peace & inner strength that she is today!